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Aviation Education

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Administered by:

US Federal Government Agency (see all agencies)
Department of Transportation , Federal Aviation Administration
CFDA #: 20.100

Purpose of this program:

To promote "Aviation Knowledge through Education"; create a public awareness of the need to promote the development and enhancement of education in aviation; establish a civil aviation information distribution program within each region and center of the Federal Aviation Administration; promote "safety in the skies through aviation education"; create "career awareness" in aviation at the elementary and secondary educational levels; prepare qualified individuals to meet the future need of aviation; stimulate public and private sector initiative in meeting the American and worldwide competitive challenge in science and technology; aid educators by providing aviation information they can readily use in their normal classroom curriculum or in special classroom projects, to improve communication skills, math, science, technology, and computer literacy as it relates to aviation; and help educators identify the learning needs of our society in this rapidly changing technological era.